Regulatory support

  • Approval of SEZ, letter of permission (LOP) / renewal of letter of permission, green card, Import Export Code Number & enhancement of production capacity o Permission for inter-unit transfer of capital goods, disposal of waste and scrap, additional location / change of location & sale of rejects o DTA procurement documentation, o Permission for sale to DTA o Assisting in claiming Duty Drawback & DEPB o NOC for de bonding of materials & premises

Compliance support

  • Structuring of contracts/transactions to optimize indirect tax incidence o Undertaking comprehensive reviews of business operations o Identification of innovative tax planning opportunities o Preparations of customized compliance manuals on all taxes o Single point contact & centralized coordination for tax payments, filing of returns o compilation of documents o Import procurement documentation, o Registers & records maintenance o Preparation of monthly returns, o Consumption records on half yearly basis. o Help in obtaining job work permissions

Litigation support and representations

  • Drafting of appeals & submissions o Appearances & arguments before adjudication & appellate authorities o Briefing Senior Counsel on need basis o Developing economic justification for tariff/non-tariff concessions.

SEZ Approval Services


  • SEZ In Principal Approvals
  • SEZ Formal Approvals
  • Notification of SEZ
  • Demarcation of area into Processing and Non-processing
  • Expansion and reduction of area of SEZ
  • Approval of authorized operation
  • List of material & list of services approval
  • Extension in principle and formal approval


  • Approval for co-developer from BOA
  • Approval of Authorized operations
  • List of materials and list of services approval


  • Preparation of application for unit approval with project report
  • Approval for SEZ unit from development Commissioner Office
  • Approval for Bond cum Legal Undertaking
  • Approval of list of services and list of material required for Authorized operations
  • Obtaining other exemption certificates like Form A-1, I form etc

SEZ Management & Operational Services

  • Material clearance services under ARE-1, Bill of entry, Bill of export
  • Export clearance by filing shipping bill of export
  • DTA sale clearance service
  • Scrap and wastage removal
  • Temporary removal permissions under Rule 50 & 51 of SEZ Rules 2006
  • Compliances management and record keeping on a day to day basis
  • Softex preparation and submissions through SEZ Online
  • APR preparation and submission through SEZ Online
  • Periodic reports preparation assistance like MPR, QPR, HPR, Six Monthly material utilization reports

SEZ Online Services

  • Online registration of ID and New unit Approval in SEZ online
  • Regularization of existing SEZ Units/Developers/Co-developers
  • Creation of Developer/Unit maker IDs and Developer/Unit approver IDs
  • Updation of Bond Cum Legal Undertaking in SEZ Online system to enable users to execute various transactions
  • Preparation of Bill of Entries online for material procurement for authorized operation
  • Softex and APR preparation and submission
  • Bill of Export preparation online
  • Shipping bill preparation
  • Temporary removal challan Preparation.
  • DTA sale Document creation and processing
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